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Indoor air quality is important both at home and at the workplace. The air you breathe in has a direct impact on your health. It could mean the difference between a healthy life and one full of allergies, infections and hospital visits. At the workplace, employees sit in enclosed spaces all day. If the air they are breathing is affected, there is likely to be a negative impact on the employees’ health and subsequently their productivity. There are many factors that influence the quality of indoor air, and these primarily have to do with the indoor surfaces. Think walls, floors and ceilings.

There are various ways to look at how carpets influence indoor air quality.


Most new products emit volatile organic chemicals, abbreviated as VOCs. What this means, in simple language is that new carpets pose potential air quality concerns right away by virtue of the materials they are manufactured with. Coupled with the materials used for installation, such as glue, new carpets can release irritants into the air. It is advisable that you give newly carpeted spaces time for fresh air circulation to resume. A practical thing to do is ensure windows are left open to allow fresh air to flow in. Investing in good quality air conditioning will also do the trick.

Studies have however shown that new carpets emit the lowest levels of VOCs compared to substances such as a new coat of paint on your walls for instance. In fact, it has been shown that the emissions from new carpets tend to dissipate within 48 to 72 hours of installation. It might therefore be a good move to give this window period after carpet installation before you move in.


Old carpets are great places for allergens to lurk. After years of use, old carpets tend to have bacteria, dirt, dust, dust mites and numerous other organisms hiding in the fibers. When these are unsettled during vacuuming, the end result is that the indoor air quality gets compromised. Chemicals used to clean old carpets can also negatively impact the quality of indoor air. If you have old carpets in your home or business premises, it might be necessary to invest in an air purification system. You also should hire a carpet cleaner that does not use harsh chemicals like Ace Chem-Dry in Fort Collins, CO.

It is also important to note that vacuuming an old carpet might be doing more harm than good to your household. A thorough cleaning every season or at least once a year will be more helpful than the occasional vacuum.

As carpets are a necessary part of living, the best way to handle their impact on air quality is to take preventative measures. If your carpet is brand new, give it time to stop releasing the VOCs. If your carpet is older, don’t allow allergens to fester in the fibers. Clean it thoroughly and regularly. Don’t just rely on vacuuming. And lastly, pay attention to the signals your body sends when something is wrong. If your allergies are starting to act up, take this as a sign that your carpet is compromising your indoor air quality and do something about it.

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Hello, readers! Class is in session. Just kidding! But we do want to share some helpful tips and information on buying new carpet before you go to the carpet store near you.

We walked you through how to tear out carpet and now it’s time to buy new carpet for your home. Don’t worry, this is the fun part. But, you still need to be prepared before you purchase or you could end up buying carpet that is not right for your home or your lifestyle.

How do you know what carpet is right for your home? There are several factors to consider and we will provide information on them below:


The first thing that comes to mind when someone is buying carpet is how it looks or perhaps the color. That isn’t the most important thing though. Of course you want your carpet to look nice in your home but most of all you want it to be durable.

You see, if a carpet is beautiful and colorful but it isn’t durable, then that beauty and color will fade or soil very fast. The key is to find a carpet that is both stylish and durable.

You won’t need as durable of a carpet if you don’t live with children or pets. In that case a polyester carpet would be a good fit for you. Polyester is lush and colorful and it is semi stain-resistant but it is not durable when it comes to traffic and soiling.

If you live with pets and children you will want to buy a nylon carpet. Nylon is very durable and it is the perfect choice for high-traffic rooms and areas in a home. It is a bit more expensive than polyester but if you care for it and schedule carpet cleaning each year you will find that nylon carpet can last 10 years or more.


Some carpets are easier to clean than others. You will find that wool carpet is more difficult to clean than polyester or nylon. That is because wool is a natural carpet fiber. You will also find that polyester carpet soils faster than other types of fibers due to its construction.

You should choose nylon carpet as it provides the best of both worlds. It is very easy to clean and it doesn’t soil too bad either.


Color is one of the clear benefits of carpet over hardwood floor or laminate. For the most vibrant colors of carpet, you will want to choose polyester. Polyester is a great choice for bedrooms. You can add bright and bold colors to any bedroom in your home with a polyester carpet. Just be careful not to choose polyester for hallways or entryways as it cannot withstand the constant foot traffic.

You also need to remember the carpet pad when it comes to buying new carpet. There is no point in buying nice new carpet if you do not invest in one of the best types of carpet pads for purchase. The carpet pad helps the carpet above withstand pressure and traffic and will extend the lifetime of the floor much longer than a poor quality pad.

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Darwin Demolition is all about finding ways for homeowners to reduce costs of remodels and repairs by completing their own DIY demolition projects.

In today’s post, we will explain tips on how to tear out carpet in order to reduce the expenses of purchasing and installing new carpet flooring in your home.

If you’ve determined a professional carpet cleaning service won’t be able to clean and restore your current carpet, then it is time to remove it and install something new.

You can always include the removal of the old carpet in your fees for the installer but if you complete this step of the process on your own you can save $100 or more depending on how much the installer charges for the service.

How to Remove Old Carpet

The first thing to do when it is time to remove carpet from the floor in your home is to start in the corners of the room. You will need a razor blade or utility knife and will want to cut along the wall and the corners of the room to pull up the corner piece of carpet.

You can then simply use elbow grease and pull up a large portion of the carpet. Then run the utility knife or razor blade along the portion you pull up from the floor and cut it into a long rectangular strip. Then roll the strip into a nice, compact roll for easy removal from your home.

Continue this until all of the carpet has been removed from the floor. You can then either transport the rolls of old carpet to a nearby garbage dump or you can leave them on your curb for pickup from your local garbage service.

Now it is time to remove the carpet pad. You will need your razor blade again and several garbage bags. Simply cut and tear the pad off the floor and throw the remnants in the garbage bags. You can then either transport the bags with the old carpet to the dump or leave them on your curb for pickup at a later date.

Then you should remove the tack strips from along the wall. This can be done with the back side of a hammer or a screw driver but be careful not to scratch the paint on the wall.

Then remove all of the staples from the floor beneath. This is the most tedious and time consuming step in the process but you will want a smooth surface to install the new carpet pad and carpet on.

The entire process of DIY carpet removal should only require a morning or afternoon and will save over $100 in installation fees. You don’t need much in terms of tools or safety gear so the cost of the process should be minimal.

This way when the installer arrives with the next carpet, the time he or she is in your home will be much shorter and much cheaper too!

Homeowners always need more space than when they originally move into a home. Especially in the garage.

What once started out as a space to store on or two vehicles and some lawn care equipment now stores bicycles, freezer chests, tools, old furniture, etc.

You can hire a contractor to build you a new garage and you can cut the costs of the project if you demolish the garage on your own. This demolition project should only require a weekend if you can find one or two friends or family members to help.

Here is how to demolish a garage:


The first thing you need to do before you begin demolition of the garage is to contact the local building department and obtain any necessary permits to demolish the garage and build a new one.

The second thing you need to do is to turn off the electric, plumbing and gas connected to the garage. This is very important in order to avoid serious injury or any damage to the foundation of the home or the attached living space.

After plumbing, gas and electrical are disconnected, you can rip out the pipes and wears and tear into the drywall of the garage without fear of electrocution or hitting an active gas line.

You can recycle plumbing and electrical components.


You can then start to tear down the roofing above piece by piece. Pull off each piece from the roof and toss it to the ground below. You can rent a dumpster and toss the roofing directly into it from the roof if your aim is good. If you’re careful and able to preserve portions of the shingles, you could sell them.


You can either knock out doors and windows with a sledgehammer or similar tool or you can remove them and attempt to resell them to a local contractor if their in good condition. Be careful removing doors with glass in them and of course windows. You should wear gloves and protective eyewear during this step of the demolition.


To remove the framing of the garage requires a hammer and a pry bar. This is the most time consuming part of the demolition because you will need to remove several hundreds of nails from the framing. The good news is the nails can be sold for metal scraps and you can use the profits toward the building of your new garage.

The entire project should require only a few days if a few friends help. You will need hammers, ply bars, sledgehammers, a dumpster, protective gear, a ladder and a handful of other tools and odds and ends to complete the project but other than the cost of renting the dumpster it is a relatively cheap DIY project to complete.

Welcome to our blog! We intend to provide tips on DIY demolition for home remodeling projects. DIY demolition is one of the easiest ways to save money during a home remodel but it needs to be done right. You’ll find information on what tools to use, what safety gear to wear and how to demolish worn out or outdated items in your home.