DIY Garage Demolition

Homeowners always need more space than when they originally move into a home. Especially in the garage.

What once started out as a space to store on or two vehicles and some lawn care equipment now stores bicycles, freezer chests, tools, old furniture, etc.

You can hire a contractor to build you a new garage and you can cut the costs of the project if you demolish the garage on your own. This demolition project should only require a weekend if you can find one or two friends or family members to help.

Here is how to demolish a garage:


The first thing you need to do before you begin demolition of the garage is to contact the local building department and obtain any necessary permits to demolish the garage and build a new one.

The second thing you need to do is to turn off the electric, plumbing and gas connected to the garage. This is very important in order to avoid serious injury or any damage to the foundation of the home or the attached living space.

After plumbing, gas and electrical are disconnected, you can rip out the pipes and wears and tear into the drywall of the garage without fear of electrocution or hitting an active gas line.

You can recycle plumbing and electrical components.


You can then start to tear down the roofing above piece by piece. Pull off each piece from the roof and toss it to the ground below. You can rent a dumpster and toss the roofing directly into it from the roof if your aim is good. If you’re careful and able to preserve portions of the shingles, you could sell them.


You can either knock out doors and windows with a sledgehammer or similar tool or you can remove them and attempt to resell them to a local contractor if their in good condition. Be careful removing doors with glass in them and of course windows. You should wear gloves and protective eyewear during this step of the demolition.


To remove the framing of the garage requires a hammer and a pry bar. This is the most time consuming part of the demolition because you will need to remove several hundreds of nails from the framing. The good news is the nails can be sold for metal scraps and you can use the profits toward the building of your new garage.

The entire project should require only a few days if a few friends help. You will need hammers, ply bars, sledgehammers, a dumpster, protective gear, a ladder and a handful of other tools and odds and ends to complete the project but other than the cost of renting the dumpster it is a relatively cheap DIY project to complete.

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