Tips to Tear Out Carpet

tear out carpet

Darwin Demolition is all about finding ways for homeowners to reduce costs of remodels and repairs by completing their own DIY demolition projects.

In today’s post, we will explain tips on how to tear out carpet in order to reduce the expenses of purchasing and installing new carpet flooring in your home.

If you’ve determined a professional carpet cleaning service won’t be able to clean and restore your current carpet, then it is time to remove it and install something new.

You can always include the removal of the old carpet in your fees for the installer but if you complete this step of the process on your own you can save $100 or more depending on how much the installer charges for the service.

How to Remove Old Carpet

The first thing to do when it is time to remove carpet from the floor in your home is to start in the corners of the room. You will need a razor blade or utility knife and will want to cut along the wall and the corners of the room to pull up the corner piece of carpet.

You can then simply use elbow grease and pull up a large portion of the carpet. Then run the utility knife or razor blade along the portion you pull up from the floor and cut it into a long rectangular strip. Then roll the strip into a nice, compact roll for easy removal from your home.

Continue this until all of the carpet has been removed from the floor. You can then either transport the rolls of old carpet to a nearby garbage dump or you can leave them on your curb for pickup from your local garbage service.

Now it is time to remove the carpet pad. You will need your razor blade again and several garbage bags. Simply cut and tear the pad off the floor and throw the remnants in the garbage bags. You can then either transport the bags with the old carpet to the dump or leave them on your curb for pickup at a later date.

Then you should remove the tack strips from along the wall. This can be done with the back side of a hammer or a screw driver but be careful not to scratch the paint on the wall.

Then remove all of the staples from the floor beneath. This is the most tedious and time consuming step in the process but you will want a smooth surface to install the new carpet pad and carpet on.

The entire process of DIY carpet removal should only require a morning or afternoon and will save over $100 in installation fees. You don’t need much in terms of tools or safety gear so the cost of the process should be minimal.

This way when the installer arrives with the next carpet, the time he or she is in your home will be much shorter and much cheaper too!

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